Reflecting On A Year Of Love
Anderson & Co.'s 2023 Wedding Highlights and Dreams for 2024

Hey, lovely readers and soon-to-be-wed couples!

We hope this post finds you in the midst of wedding planning bliss or the excitement of upcoming nuptials. As we say goodbye to another incredible year, we couldn't help but take a moment to reflect on the magical weddings we've had the honor of coordinating in 2023.

Being a wedding coordinator has been an extraordinary journey, one of love, resilience, and hope. While the world has faced unprecedented challenges over the last several years, the role of a wedding coordinator became more than just orchestrating events; it became a conduit for weaving dreams into reality. Navigating through uncertain times, I witnessed couples embracing the profound significance of their union, cherishing the moments that truly mattered. As a wedding coordinator, I became a guardian of joy, crafting intimate celebrations that quieted the chaos of the outside world. Each wedding became a testament to the spirit of love prevailing against all odds. The resilience and determination exhibited by couples served as a reminder that love, in its purest form, is an unbreakable bond that can weather any storm. In 2023, being a wedding coordinator was not just a profession; it was a privilege to witness and facilitate the creation of everlasting memories, showcasing the power of love to triumph over adversity.

Meanwhile, our team started growing in 2023. It has been a joy and a privilege to bring on two new associates to Anderson & Co. I hope you enjoy reading about some of our most memorable weddings this year, dreamy venues, talented vendors, and some behind-the-scenes with our growing team!

Our Most Memorable 2023 Weddings 

At Anderson & Co. every wedding is a unique love story waiting to be told. This year, we had the pleasure of weaving together tales of romance at some of the most enchanting venues. From sun-soaked outdoor Minnesota ceremonies to sentimental family venues, we danced, laughed, and cried happy tears right alongside our incredible couples.

Here's a sneak peek into a few of our most memorable celebrations:

Sarah and Jude’s wedding on his grandparent’s land: Picture walking through the woods with twinkle lights and a live band. This wedding was breathtaking. Also 100°F and a completely outside ceremony and reception…it was hot but boy was it beautiful!
Photography by Hannah Ampe Photography, pictured top right.

Jenna and Zach’s wedding at The Blaisdell: This wedding was so memorable because the decor was so simple yet so freaking elegant. Just candles and bud vases! This was also the biggest wedding I have done, which was so much fun.
Photography by Jillian Blanc, pictured bottom right.

The Dream Team: Our Amazing Vendors 

None of this would be possible without the incredible vendors who bring dreams to life. Shoutout to the talented florists, photographers, caterers, and more who collaborated with us to make every wedding uniquely unforgettable. Whether we banded together for the first time at the ceremony and reception to create a seamless wedding experience for our couples, or supported the couples during the planning process to intricately piece together the wedding plan, we have loved working along side you.

There is nothing better than a vendor dream team to bring wedding plans to life on the bride and groom’s big day. And having the opportunity to meet up again and again throughout wedding season with some of you has been such a joy, making it feel like we’re a team of wedding vendors in love with creating magical moments for our Minnesota couples. Thank you!!

Here's a round of applause for the fantastic photographers we’ve had the chance to work with this year:

Amy Mae Photos; capturing Chase and Laura’s wedding in May

Hannah Ampe Photography; capturing Sara and Jude’s wedding in June

Kelly Russo Photo; capturing Cassie and Jake’s wedding in June

Emily Arren Photography; capturing Chase and Cole’s wedding in July

Captured By Case; capturing Justin and Jessie’s wedding in July

Devyn Lempke Photography; capturing Matt and Haley’s wedding in September

Dear Marie Photography; capturing Stephanie and Mike’s wedding in September

Jillian Blanc; capturing Jenna and Zach’s wedding in September

We’re grateful that you shared your beautiful photography work with us so that we can also share and celebrate the weddings we were a part of! 

We also met and built relationships with all sorts of vendors, from local ice cream sandwich cart and dessert caterers (hello Honey + Milk Baking Co.!), to DJ’s, and venue coordinators. I have met so many incredible vendors, all of which were so helpful the day of! I love getting to hear how people got into the industry and what they love about weddings.

Our Most Popular Venue in the Twin Cities:

We also found that our brides love having their ceremonies at Paikka, where we coordinated more weddings than ever before! This has definitely become our most popular venue to coordinate at, and for good reason. The staff and I have built a great relationship and the venue is beyond beautiful, located right inbetween Minneapolis and St. Paul.

What We Learned In 2023

Other than connecting with new people throughout the year and supporting them on one of the biggest days of their lives, it’s rewarding to continue to learn and grow, developing our role as coordinators and my role as a business owner. 

Expect The Unexpected:

I had a lot of couples come to me with ideas for their big day that were not “traditional”. As a coordinator, our job is to bring the couple’s vision to life! I love having a new challenge and trying something I haven’t done before. Collaborating with the bride and groom to breathe life into their vision is where a coordinator really gets to shine, and this is a constantly growing part of the work I love to do!

Booking Partnership:

This year, Anderson & Co. has worked with The Knot, Wedding Wire, Zola and Minnesota Bride! They have all been fantastic to work with and super helpful in connecting us with couples.

Behind the Scenes: Our Team's Favorite Moments

While we work hard to make your day seamless, it doesn't mean we don't have a little fun behind the scenes. From meeting over coffee, sharing stories about our most recent weddings, and touring venues together, our team has grown not just in numbers but in shared laughter and friendship! 

Our growing team:

Welcome Amelia Zakrzewski and Jenny Schroeder!

Amelia: Having you join my team has meant the world to me, and I so appreciate the way you have served your couples this year! I can't believe that we get the blessing of growing up together and now continuing to create so many fun memories through serving couples on their wedding day! I can't wait to do this again in 2024!

Jenny: Your passion and heart for weddings is so inspiring and so contageous! Your willingness to jump right onto the team this summer has been such a blessing! It is clear that you care deeply about your couples and will do anything to make their dreams come true! I cannot wait to see what 2024 has in store for you!

Who knew finding friendships and growing a business could be so interlinked, and I still can’t get over the fact that I own a business, let alone have associates. It’s mind boggling! I am so excited for the team to grow together and serve our couples together.

We also expanded our content in 2023, leaning into our years of experience in the wedding industry to share tips and insights on how to prepare for your own wedding by writing a few articles on our new blog and sharing those tips on our Instagram! What did you think?! It was fun to share about some of the parts of the wedding planning process we are passionate about, and a little insight on why we think wedding coordination is so important. I hope you gained more confidence in your own wedding planning process or found those articles inspiring and helpful for a bride in your life. As always, let us know if there’s another topic you’d like to learn more about. We love to share!

Amelia Zakrzewski
Lead Coordinator

Jenny Schroeder
Lead Coordinator

Goals and Ambitions for 2024 

As we step into the future, I’m thrilled to share our goals and ambitions for the coming year. Our commitment to creating unforgettable weddings remains unwavering, and we can't wait to bring even more love stories to life.

What's on the horizon for Anderson & Co. in 2024:

Expanding The Team: We're eager to have more booked weddings for 2024 than ever before, and booking season hasn’t even started! By adding on two new associates, we’ve been able to embrace the upcoming wedding season early and I’m so excited for the team to hit their booking goals.

Growing Our Community: Connecting with our local community by meeting new vendors and going to new venues is definitley on our 2024 bingo card. So is growing our relationships with the vendors we already know and have worked with! It’s going to be an exciting year of growth for us.

And there you have it, a glimpse into the heart and soul of Anderson & Co.! We can't wait to see what 2024 has in store for us and the beautiful couples we'll have the pleasure of working with.

Cheers to love, laughter, and the exciting adventures that await!

With love,
Anderson & Co.

P​.S. Did we miss anything?
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A close up photograph of a woman in her early 20's smiling at the camera.

Photography by Roamy Oak Photo

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